TOBY is on the Board of Directors for the New York Road Runners (since 2002), was on the Achilles Track Club Board for 6-years before becoming Vice President of Achilles International in 2011, and is on the Coaches Advisory Board for Runner's World.

In 2010 he was made a Commit to Fit SUBWAY Ambassador. He is an honorary lifetime member of the New York Road Runners & a lifetime member of Stockholm's premier athletic club, Stockholm Sparvagen. He was a Youth Director for the Millrose Games and elected onto the board of the NY's USATF (MAC).

For nine years The Head Coach of the New York Flyers, a former coach of Urban Athletics & the Reservoir Dogs, also for nine years the cross-country coach at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC). Toby was also the first coach, and Head Coach for Nike's successful initiative: RUN NYC program. Furthermore Toby has coached various charity groups (national & international) including the Head Coach of Team LifeLine [Chai lifeline] for over ten years, and also started a running program for getting reformed prisoners in NYC into the sport of running. [Read More link]

Lectures and speeches as an author, writer, athlete, for schools/classes/organizations/universities worldwide including for both the New York Road Runners & the new York City Marathon. His first book, 1997, was an athletics best seller and received worldwide accolades ("A Cult Classic" - Running Times), it has been printed in other languages - Train Hard, Win Easy. Nike later produced a T shirt with the book's title emblazoned on the chest. Toby's last book was written specifically to raise funds for a children's hospital; 100% of author royalties went to the cause. Titled More Fire.

As a race director for a series of Shoe4Africa races, in Africa, and for the Hope & Possibility event in Central Park, NYC since 2007. In 2010 Prince Harry came and ran the event, and other media names have included Anthony Edwards, Jon Stewart, Armie Hammer, Gloria Gaynor, and two of NY's Governors. Starting a program getting kids running to avoid Obesity, in 2007, the race was awarded with a Mayor of New York's proclamation.

Toby is also on the Advisory Board for the Allied Forces Foundation.

This site was originally solely designed as a vehicle to collect used shoes... in the year 2000 For the Shoe4Africa charity founded back in the nineties.


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9. NEW YORK TIMES KENYA TOP RUNNERS CLASHES 10. Celebrities unite to build biggest children’s public hospital in Africa (newspaper link HERE)

The unofficial world record of running 10km in a Kilt - Link (source Herald Scotland.

BOOKS by TOBY (Note Train Hard Win Easy Version 1 & 2 are two different books)


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@ The NYC Marathon I usually coach a number of groups. My own charity team of course, with TV stars Anthony Edwards & James LeGros in our first year, also other teams like Ethan Zohn's GrassRoots team, An ALS awareness group, Team Lifeline, NYC's largest club, the NY Flyers, and the odd individual-- Sarah Jones [link], Kim Alexis, Kelly Bensimon, Sam Tannehill... each year I usually coach one person for the NYC Marathon apart from the group training.


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Scottish News on World Kilt Record.Quicktime or Realtime

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