More Fire. How to Run the Kenyan Way was written with well over a decade of Kenyan experiences behind the pen. Tanser lived in Kenya, trained, raced, cooked, and traveled, with many of the names who have graced the headlines as Kenyan distance runners have dazzled the world with their spectacular success. This book, over 300-pages, is far more expansive than the ever popular 'Train Hard. Win Easy.'

100% of the author royalty fees from the sale of this book (not just profits) goes toward the charity Tanser started back in 1995 when living in Iten, Kenya; Shoe4Africa. Specifically toward the Shoe4Africa Hospital fund.

True Charity: Shoe4Africa's incoming donations are used 100% towards Africa -- not one penny is used for admin, travel, vehicles etc -- these costs are kindly met by our sole sponsor Leppin.

This book does more than travel inside the world of Kenyan Running... open the book, read the pages, and you are there learning everything about the training, systems, diet, lifestyles, coaches, and living of the great Kenyan runners.


An expansive list of the world's best runners are endorsing this book! Some of them... Martin Lel, Matthew Birir, Moses Kiptanui, Lornah Kiplagat, Sylvia Kibet, Hilda Kibet, Sally Barsosio, Magdalene Chemjor, Tecla Chemabwai, Joseph Kahuga, Liliya Shobukhova...

"I'm going to the Olympics, and going to run with More Fire!" Sylvia Kibet.

"The best book on running." Martin Lel, double NYC and London marathons winner.

About the author
Toby Tanser, over the past dozen years, has spent numerous months in Kenya. A former professional runner himself he not only lived 24/7 and trained (three times a day) with the very top runners in Kenya who are featured, but also traveled round to meets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas with the Kenyans.
"He lived, trained, cooked, and slept with us. This is a very good book." Sally Barsosio - featured legend. World Champion at 10,000m.

Train Hard, Win Easy, ("a cult classic" Running Times) first came out in 1997, and had to be reprinted only three months later. The new second edition came out in 2001. (It has also been printed in foreign languages) and favorbaly reviewed in over 17-countries.

Tanser also wrote The Essential Guide to running the New York City Marathon after working with the race under various capacities, and whilst working in Stockholm, Sweden, for the athletics federation, a training manual for 'Boosting the country's athletic impact through studying the world's most successful runners. He coaches New York City's largest running team, the NY Flyers, The Urban Athletics team, and is the track & cross country coach at the Fashion Institute, a state university in Manhattan. In addition, various charity organizations including Team Lifeline, plus the odd private individual, like super model Kim Alexis. In 2006, he started a running program to rehabilitate New York City former prisoners.

He wrote, and co-produced the global Puma Trainaway series starring Linford Christie, Katy Hill, Zoe Cassavetes, Jessica Schwarz and Aissa Maiga amongst others, and the NYRR audio guide for the ING New York City Marathon featuring Alexis, Ndereba, Governor Eliot Spitzer, and Anthony Edwards. He has also done TV and Web commentary for marathons in America and Europe.

Tanser, since 2002, has been a Director of the New York Road Runner's, and the Achilles International. He is a NYRR's lecturer for the ING Marathon clinics held throughout the year, and also writes for Running Times, Runner's World, where he also sits on the Advisory Board, New York Runner, and the Metrosports magazine. In addition his articles have appeared in journals world wide. A race director of the annual Hope & Possibility race in Central Park that is attended by the New York Governor. In 1995, he founded a charity that became Shoe4Africa and also initiated the 'Kids against obesity' health drive that kicked off in New York, June 2007. He lives in Manhattan on the course of the New York City Marathon, and is currently working on a book that has nothing to do with running, and working to build a hospital in Africa.