"If you like to read how top athletes train. This is one of the best." Said ATHLETIC'S WEEKLY, Europe's premier athletics magazine who listed this book in their TOP 20 RUNNING BOOKS OF ALL TIME! A best seller, and Toby's first book. Click to read more!

SECOND EDITION OF TRAIN HARD, WIN EASY. 2001. "A most entertaining book—fun to read, and so informative. For once I read what the Africans really do on a day to day basis. A runner's coffee table mist have. Made me wanna run...all the way to Africa." T. Syster. "If you are a goal orientated distance runner, you'll love this book." Ollie Nanyes. Re-released by TAFNEWS in 2018. Click here to read more.

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO RUNNING THE NYC MARATHON. 2003. "As a marathon reference tool, city-guide and training tool, this book has it all- and it is not too long, which is a plus for runners wanting to get going! Fiona Bayly. "I bought this book preparing for my first New York City Marathon. Learned so much from it. There's a lot of interesting information for the runner as well as for the spectators." Camila M.M. READ MORE.....

MORE FIRE. HOW TO RUN AND TRAIN THE KENYAN WAY. 2008. "Mr Tanser has done a terrific job of illuminating this subject and book collectors should note that his other two volumes on Kenyan Running, now out of print, are selling on Amazon for over $100. More Fire is not for collectors though, but for distance runners and anyone in that category will be inspired by Tanser's account of the ferocious simplicity of Kenyan Running." Geoffrey J. Wilhelmy. Read More....

THE PODCAST of RUNNING WITH DESTINY, AN ODYSSEY of MISTAKES, MACHETES, AND MIRACLES—2021 GoBeMore (Jon & Brian), "Toby Tanser brings new meaning to “Life adventures” as he shares his incredible up-and-down experiences, opportunities, and life lessons. If you love hearing how unintentional decisions can result in remarkable results, then you'll me mesmerized by the story telling journey Toby takes you on in this episode.
“In life, you have to start your own adventure. You have to be the instigator of your own story.”—Toby Tanser. TOP RATED PODCAST

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PODCAST — 2022 Radio Interviewer Peter Roth states, "I think he (Toby) is one of the great humanitarians on the planet right now. And has made profound contributions to the world." Then as he speaks about my latest book 'Running With Destiny,' he says, "Maybe one of the greatest books I've ever read. I have to say it is one of the best books I've ever read, and I really mean it. And I've read books for hundreds for shows over the years." Listen here

TV INTERVIEW — 2022. Manhattan Neighborhood Network. The V.P. of Audible, Stacy Creamer, interviews Toby to learn about his new new book, Running With Destiny. Watch the recording on here: LINK

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Runner's World Humanitarian of the Year Award, 2008. LINK
The greatest ever Running Video (according to just me) packed full of advice for a first time marathoner, filmed by Mike Kobal, written and starring Toby. LINK
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