Happy New Year! A three hour breakfast with Brother Colm O'Connell is a great way to start the year, after a 40-minute jog under blue skies!
We still have a few entries for the New York City Half Marathon and if you want an entry for the NYC Half then drop me an email. What better new year's resolution could there be than to start the year off running to help make change with Healthcare to the needy kids of East Africa?
Now pleased to report that the perimeter fence at the Shoe4africa hospital is complete with two swinging gates! Next up will be a hedge growing round the perimeter. It is starting to look neat! Let's hope the grass grows soon.
Christmas day at the hospital. An amazing day, our first Christmas at the hospital.
Shoe4Africa Women's 5k results and the run in Iten, Kenya.
The race had 500 registered in only 80-minutes! Now full up.

2:19 marathoner Florence Kiplagat who usually comes to fun run with the Iten ladies at registration this morning.

Mary Keitany's coming to the race also, just with her girls.

A year ago I bought 900 cases of water for the shoe4africa race. I lost the contact for buying the water. Today, out of the blue, the salesperson turns up at the house, "Do you want to repeat the order for this year? I have brought just in case!" That is what I call customer service.
12/21Tomorrow in Iten the registration opens for the Shoe4Africa 5k -free, first come first served! Yesterday Brother Colm had his camp closing; 30 athletes, juniors and Kenya's best, have been running under his guidance for the last month. We sponsor two of the athletes under the Shoe4Africa umbrella, both winning national championships. The world junior champion for 800m, Tarbei, is touted by some to be the next new start at the distance... and if Brother Colm says it it is true!

Abel Kirui and Jonathan Maiyo came to visit the Shoe4Africa children's hospital and greet the patients; that is the good thing about Eldoret. My patients get their heroes coming to visit. The hospital is doing great and functioning well. Talking to Eliud Kipchoge and hoping he will be able to visit on Christmas day, and the same for Moses Kiptanui - all world champions.

Today's job was working for the upcoming race. I was sorting out shoes - hundreds of them.
8-entries left for the NYC Half Marathon. If you want to run then let me know.

Walking in midtown Manhattan is like a game of Dodge City these days. I mean I nearly got flattened by three ladies in a row; all of them buried in their texting/games/whatnots.

Coming from a person who remembers the good days when phones were connected to a wall, not a person.

Going to Miami next month. Just got my ticket. I think this is the 8th, or ninth year in a row, then I remembered I missed 2014 with a head injury! Time flies.
I remember reading the story of John Carlos & Tommie Smith in some magazine. I never knew the whole story. I was surprised, I was shocked, I was dismayed and inspired with this (great) article. About an unknown Australian. (LINK)

The athletes always get the short end of the stick. The discrimination that this guy got, beyond the Sydney Olympics, in his own country, is unbelievable! Robbed.

Local NYC running scene - I went to a NYRR race in Central Park on Saturday. I saw a hugely vibrant running scene with a big presence from 'new' clubs and the old. As always a very smoothly run competition. After I joined Don for a coffee with his friends and the person who sat next to us was a lady who had run 33 marathons this year - a NYC state of mind? Crackers.
Congrats to Ali Kaya of Turkey and who resides at the High Altitude Iten, Kenya for winning the Euro XC Championships.
this Saturday in Central Park is the 10km sponsored by Urban Athletics! It is the USATF 10km championships. I think also run by CPTC.
We have 20 spots for the New York Half Marathon! Join us and run for the Kenyan kids (link). <12/10>I have a feeling we are going to run out of entries for the above event! We are honored to already have nine people who have sent in an interest before the event is already open. Lucky to have great people in our team!

In running news the once fastest man in the world beats the current fastest man in the world - Kenyaís former world record holder Patrick Makau defended his Fukuoka Marathon title in 2:08:18 as Dennis Kimetto recorded a DNF. Before the world champs began this race was widely thought of as the men's unofficial world champs race.

Today is the first time since 1920 that an editorial has made the front cover of the NY Times. End the Gun Epidemic in the USA.
Swedish hours working hours, less hours working report - link. I think this is an excellent way to go (says he who likes working working).

Also good to see the legal system working in the case of Oscar P. Now convicted of murder.

Went to see Spectre, the new James Bond Movie. Always well made. Good acting, interesting and entertaining...

On that note I thought Hillary Swank acted really well in the ALS movie that I forgot the name of, but the story line was let down by too many ties that reminded me so much of the Intouchables French movie that was way better in my humble opinion. But Hillary Swank was really good.

Happy December, again, too soon. It is #givingtuesday and boom I am collecting for the children at the Shoe4Africa Children's Hospital.

"Itís the holiday season & I have a request for you. This year, on Christmas day, I want to walk around the wards of our new hospital in Eldoret, Kenya. Every patient who is able will have been discharged, and sent home for the holidays. I am asking you for those who remain behind. Those poor little kids who most likely wouldnít be receiving gifts, most of whom will be lucky if they have a visitor Ė these children are those who fate has forgotten in lifeís lottery. I have given secondhand shoes to people whoíve broken down and cried not because of getting the item, but of the fact that someone, somewhere, (usually an unknown person in a foreign country) cared enough to think of the less fortunate and stood up to help.

Iíve been a sick child at a hospital who was released on Christmas Eve. I know how wonderful it was to go home to a house full of festivity, fun, and gifts. I donít know what it is like to stay behind. I donít know so many things about the world for these kids, but I do know for sure a little bit of your help can make a world of difference in their life.

Please, if you can find it in your heart, do join me this Christmas by sending a card to a child & donating $5/$10 so we can buy a present for a child at the Hospital. If you care, beyond the gift, I know it will mean the world to them. "

Also check out the nice Princeton Article on the runners Russell and Daniel who were (are?) training at HATC in Iten. LINK

A money obsessed society. From reading this article all we can deduce is how much Mr. Hamisi paid for a wedding. IS that the big story or can the journalist actually mention anything any the merit of the people? LINK
Gebrselassie finally retires - the longest career at the top but many are waiting to see what Mo Farah does in the upcoming years to see who is the G.O.A.T. -- For me Mo Farah is the greatest already. Second place Emil Zatopek, third place Lasss Viren. Fourth place Miruts Yifter. Fifth place Cierpinski.

Not sure if we will ever see a man win an Olympic distance double in his hometown... and back it up with the double-double at the world's. As for women Tirunesh Dibaba from Grete Waitz.

Clearly Athletics (running) is failing. Let's have life time bans unless the athlete talks. No talking, no coming back. Sad to read today that Emily Chebet has failed a drugs test and will face a four year ban.
Seb Coe in the Soup - paid $150,000 ish $$ per day to consult with Nike...then giving the IAAF world championships to Niketown in 2012 (Eugene) without a vote over Goteborg. Link
Link Lesotho athletes suspended over doping. How many athletes does Lesotho have? A stats guy needs to look at which countries, per capita, have doping problems.
Meanwhile Zoomalong finds a great article about the NYRR(C) townhouse on 89th ST! Used to be called the Stern Building. Designed by a German architect - have a read link
A call out for a runner to help a blind athlete - train in San Diego, get paid a stipend, free housing job includes pacing a female athlete who is capable of sub 5-mins for the 1500m. She is going to Rio and the job could be a couple of months, or longer. A great way to get out West and run in the sun this winter. After the daily session then the day is yours. Let me know if interested.

Shiney's wife, playing Jazz - we recommend you go there and listen. Check it out and listen: - LINK

I must say I enjoyed the Amy Winehouse doc. that I saw on British Airways laste flight. Great job by whoever did it.

Speaking of airway staff I think the BA staff in midtown NYC... aha, so that is why they get to the airport late on evening flights! My advice to their person in charge of sorting things... why not house them 'close' to the airport? Same deal in Nairobi. You would think with cost cutting a nice Queens hotel would be the biscuit.

Mind you as that famous poet says, 'The World is changed by your example, not by your opinion.' Yup BA I should keep my mouth shut.
Running News, A Dog in the subway, and Rita Jeptoo.

Today was the last day for the race numbers to be picked up - got my bib for the Race to Deliver tomorrow! The NYRR building is closed. A man walked out of the building and said "Big mistake". Well the club has grown, so much that actually it is not a club anymore... but I pondered on this words as I walked along Fred Lebow way (89th ST). I guess the only mistake would be if the organization downscaled back from its current size... just saying. However the future is looking brighter and bigger... and more needed space.

Today a dog ran along the platform of 135th ST and jumped in front of the parked subway train and took off down the rails... as the owner had "forgotten" to attach the leash. We sat at 135th ST for 30-mins as the train people tried to locate the dog. Finally the train set off at about 2mph and when trains passed ont he other side of the tracks the train came to a comlete stop. It appeared that they did not know which direction to look. Then the train driver (maybe so used to coming out with excuses) announced, "Due to train traffic ahead we are being delayed). She must have forgoetten, we are the only train on our track for (now) over half an hour.

At 125th ST we stopped for another 20-minutes. The invisible dog had now apparently "ran" past the guards looking at the end of the tunnel that separates 135th to 125th (800-meters), continued down the line, so the same performance happened between 125th and 116th... Grrrr (exactly!)

Around this time a small man came to preach to us reading the bible. As all of us were eagerly awaiting announcements to see if we would get out of this train before thanksgiving, and the PA system of hte trains was such a bad quality, and that we were being fed contradicting stories made all of us attentive.

So now folks starting yelling at the bible man to shut up. He was obviously used to this, instead he raised his voice. Then a large gentleman, lookign like Marvin Hagler, started yelling at the muesli-looking man who had been shouting at the bible voice, "Let him Preach or I'll bust you up", as another woman now got up and tried to stand between Marvin Hagler and Mr Muesli.

Let me tell you, it was One hour and twenty before I got off the train! The whole subway rejoiced as the subway driver announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, the dog has now be reunited with its owner."

Rita Jeptoo has decided to open her mouth... well sort of... Actually she has opened it enough to finally publically clear her coach Claudio Berardelli. But the first point is - Well done Rita, you got caught in September and it has taken you this long, 14-months, to actually get round to doing the right thing and speaking the truth about your coach. Shame on Rita for treating her coach in this fashion - he was blackballed and downtrod by the press and you speaking up (urm a year??) a while back would have stopped this.

Secondly now Rita has spoken up she expects anyone to believe this story - she had an accident (obviously must have been "really" bad as she won the Chicago Marathon shortly afterwards) and the Hospital Doctors gave her EPO. First of all which hospital, second of all which Doctor - well it seems that information has been 'forgotten'. Well there aren't that many hospitals and Rita is pretty famous in Kenya, especilly in the area where she had her accident.

The truth of the matter is Rita is not telling the truth. It is up to the race directors of which races she applies to in the future whether she will be racing again in 2017. One would hope that the race directors take a stance like I know the NYC Marathon will take.

PS- Rita's defence - "I was treated by different doctors and different hopsitals in Kapsabet" so she is not sure who administered the EPO! Well Rita there are not that many Doctors, or Hospitals, in the rural town of Kapsabet!

A nostalgic trip to 9 East 89th ST, purchased back in 1981 to move the New York Road Runners Club, as they were known, out of the West Side Y and into their own premises. At $1.5 million it was considered a big risk for a low income club. Names such as Al Gordon and Carl Landegger (spck) had to be put on as signees and rumor has it the first wanted to put as down payment instead of wanting his name on the lease. As legend would have it Fred Lebow did not turn up for the final name signing and a certain NYC 'name' put his name down.

Of course the purchase turned out to be a great move. The chance to buy the next door building came and went as leaders at the club thought it too risky... it became the Trevor school. tbc

A big thank you yo all who clicked on the amazon to shop! On the link above - we got $$ which is great, free cash to the charity.

Sad the leaves are falling, and winter is approaching. NYC is getting its cold look at the leaves fall off the trees. Have been in midtown every day of late, feeling like a business man.

In the news Kenya and Russia have started to dominate - even a man who used to be featured on this site a while ago, "The Russian Rocket" aka Andrey Baranov pops up in the Guardian. As it reads in the newspapers he is the agent behind a lot of the Russian doping that has caused major bans of late.

He is now collaborating with the IAAF after the biggest of his athletes got caught.. albeit after she had made a few million dollars.

In other news Kenya is told to step up its act in the anti-drug world. Please - the International groups have to come in to aid. I estimate you have 10,000 athletes in Kenya; where is the finance to handle this? IF Jamaica, Turkey, or India had 10,000 athletes there would be no way they could control. There is an easy system, but nobody is doing it.

After the NYC marathon the next big event is the NYC HALF Marathon in March - why not sign up with Team Shoe4Africa? If you don't have an entry, let us know!
November 4th 2015 - Ouch! Getting lazy on the blogging. Back from a great trip in Kenya where a lot happened last month, and the children's hospital continues to flourish now that it is up and running. So busy I can never find parking... Then back to NYC in time for the NYC Marathon! Went to the start line, sitting on the bus a couple of rows behind me was Alicia Keys going to run her first NYC Marathon in the concrete jungle! The Shoe4Africa team did great - loads of nice people, we had a team of over fifty runners, a great breakfast run at Urban Athletics and a cool pasta dinner at Woolworth Tower Kitchens and we were sponsored by PEPSI Lipton - Be more Tea! Couldn't agree more.
Already we are opening doors for the NYC Half - half the miles but all the fun! We already have nine runners on our team; email me if you want to join us.

Other news - the Shoe4Africa Tigers is formed; a girl's soccer team in Kenya! Our Dairy College is almost built, tenders for the new school are open... and more - busy times, getting busier.

After the marathon @ Kappo Masa - with Shmuel, Anat & Chelimo - a great night and fab food. I ate a Cold Kale Russian Salad, Endive, peppers dipped in some exotic sauce, four rolls of Sushi (32 pieces), glass of red wine, two desserts... and it was fab, from A to Z.

America- 300 million people and National Debt of so many digits the calculator won't divide how much each person owes... $18,532,338,091,711.48
Not for the faint hearted but a NY state classic we hear - Rock the Ridge Fifty miler... 5-0 yes. Miles!
The town of Iten grabs another big marathon victory. Just week after Florence Kiplagat of Iten won the Chicago Marathon then today Joyce Chepkirui of Iten won the Amsterdam marathon; 2:24. Fellow Kenyan Bernard Kipyego took the men's race in 2:06:18. Also Abdi N. of Holland, who has often trained in Iten got an Olympic qualifier running 2:10:24 - congrats!

Heartbreaker for Michel Butter (another Iten regular for a long time), the former table tennis champion of Kenya (okay Iten) before King Leopold took the title this summer - he was 8-secs behind the Qual time, but has another chance to run 2:11 in the spring. He is back from a long spell down with injury so I am sure that at least he is happy to be back in (great) form.

Thus continuing to cement the title of the World's most prolific running town. In a couple of weeks we have NYC where more Iten residents, Wilson Kipsang, Mary Keitany and Sally Kipyego will toe the line.

Kenyan running chiefs set a new policy that won't make London & Boston happy, but they have good reason -LINK.
Driving to Eldoret, two cow swerves to avoid charging cows on the road! Ugh.
Sad to read about a charity scam involving a Kenyan runner being used.
A boon for both parties - @SpikeLee to Serve as Grand Marshal of the 2015 @nycmarathon
I highly do not recommend anyone to use British Airways Frequent Flyer mileage program - since I joined I get 33% LESS points for the same route trip after being a member for 6-years; I thought as time went on things would get better, not drastically worse. Furthermore when I tried to use the miles for a flight I found a whopping 2/3rds of the year are 'black out dates' then when I found the ONE flight on offer for the entire month for the route I was looking at the miles were THREE times more than American asks for on the exact same route. Bizarre. As I say, just my recommendation that you don't sign up for a British Airways Frequent Flyer program. Anyone want to swap points for a KLM account???
Congrats to Florence Kiplagat, a resident of Iten, for winning the Chicago marathon today, and Dickson Chumba from Nandi for taking the men's.
Update - found a way to sort out the new 'bad' chrome - open up chrome://flags/ and follow this guy's smart steps! http://www.computerworld.com/article/2474978/internet/how-to-switch-back-to-chrome-s-old--new-tab--page.html
Seems like I am not the only one that did not like it.

Further update google blocks when you restart the next time... now I am an Internet Explorer user!

Meanwhile trying to form a Girls' Soccer Club in Iten! Watch this space. In fact I should not write trying... thinking of a name...
I must say I hate forced change - like today on Google Chrome they "tell me" that I will love the new look where my toolbar is no longer shown but the screen has many more google features and google logos - really?

Now onto British Airways. The President of Kenya has been in the US lobbying to allow direct flights. Something BA does not want; as Africa traffic often goes USA, London to Africa. This has been relatively easy due to landing in Terminal 5 and long hauls leaving from Terminal Five. Well now some genius has decided that South American and African long hauls are going to go from Terminal three. I asked the flight attendant how this will affect my flight? "Please add another 75 to 90 minutes on top of the usual time you allow." And remember that Terminal Five has it security checks event when in transit hence it is never an easy quick change.

My question to BA is these 'ailments' to travel are a step backwards for travelers, not forwards. Now if President Kenyatta does get his way the choice about Direct flights versus new complicated travel that is now more tedious than it already is... well KLM has a smooth transition as when you land in the airport you don't get the terminal five experience, and now we have to have the terminal five experience, then get on a train, go to a separate building that is miles away and we are only passing through an airport??

And moan moan... every time now I take my mouse up north to go to another tab instead I see the google strip come sliding down with no info, use, or anything. Ugh. Think I have to switch to FireFox
Train Hard, Win Easy revealed many Kenyan secrets... I think this British school is onto something getting the kids to all run a mile at least a day! (link)
NESS - Oct 10-11 in NJ. Check out the event.LINK organized by Joe B. of Team U.
A NYC Classic - Grete Waitz Gallop - aka Grete's Gallop. One of the most prolific names you will ever hear about in Women's running. One of the best and I was proud to know her for decades. She was one of the first names I asked, 'Will you be an amabassador for S4Africa?' I met her the first time I long long time ago and she never changed - she was always be a shining light, and is greatly missed. Today, in NYC, it is her day.
I don't particularly like the 'latest' things. My last two mobile phones have been gifted to me (I was very happy with my great 2004 blackberry which was an old hand me down adopted when I got a mobile in the USA in 2010). I don't think I will ever get an iwatch from apple. In fact sadly I broke one of my favorite watches today and it was my own fault. For well over 60-years this watch has worked, ticked and told really accurate time. The model is a classic in design, in later forms it was adopted and made legendary by the great James Bond.

The most annoying thing is I broke the watch in pure stupidity. Imagine it survived all this time just for me to forget to take it off when showering... sad.
Yikes the cold has arrived to NYC - from hot to scarf in a day or so.

Heads up at RYANS DAUGHTER on 350 east 85th ST there is a Shoe4Africa Fund raiser evening from 9pm onwards - please go, support have fun!

Congrats to SHOFCO founders who are launching a new book, Kennedy & Jessica - #Findmeunafraid looks to be a great read about changemakers in Kenya. In your book stores in a couple of weeks.
Usch, more sad doping news - Agatha, an 800m Kenyan who was recently the poster girl behind a NIKE campaign who 'embodies the spirit of nike' [link] has been caught for doping. Joining a long list. Sadly growing. Another name today... Josephine Jepkorir banned.
Amazing stats - there are more guns in America than there are people! There have been more mass killings than day there have been days of this year.

When is it going to end? When. How many more innocents have to be gunned down before the gun laws are changed for the better.

Amazingly inspirational - 105 year old Japanese man runs 42-secs to break the WR in the 100m! Oiy.

Meanwhile as NYC is on the Pope-down and travel is impossible we applaud the Pope for leading by example... like the way he arrives in a Fiat instead of one the gawdy limo's we see the minors diving into at each event... like the way he turned dowsn the 'meal with John B.' to instead eat with the homeless.

Has the concept of money got out of hand in sports? A 23-year old turns down a 64 million dollar NBA contract... Who, what, where is that kind of money? I wish someone would give it to me to improve Health care in East Africa.
A NYC legend passes - Yogi Berra. See his (?) greatest quotes, quite a collection. (link). Love the one about the suitcases, reminds me of someone I once traveled with. When you go to a running race you often get paired with another athlete. So we walk into the room and guy opens his suitcase and starts scooping everything in the room into the case. I mean I was like, "Urm, we are arriving..." Ok, take the soaps when you leave, but no this guy had scooped up towels, soaps and everything!
Started my day at a Bris on 63rd St for the newborn Asher - a beautiful ceremony. Went to Crunch Gym in midtown as I had a free three day pass to go and run on a treadmill - I miss them! (Treadmills) Best gym equip for someone who wants to cut down on time.
The new Flying Finn found? The country used to be the tops in distance running, it has been years since Lasse Viren but Anne Marie Sandell came and now... this one! (link)
Meanwhile in Running Joyce Chepkirui wins the big Dutch Dam to Dam race... Wilson KIpsang used it as a tune up for the NYC and finished 7th... he's the big fave for the big apple.
I buy a produce, pay use it. Over. Then comes a text. "Hey, how did you enjoy ABC? Please answer a few questions to help us with our market research." I ignore it. Then a day later the same message comes to my email inbox. I mean, you are asking me to be your market research? That comes with a salary right?
Life in NYC is like being in twenty places at once! Getting to see a lot of people, getting a lot done, and projects continue in Kenya as we speak! All good and more happening.
Tried Windows 10 -- 50% of my apps didn't work with it, including microsoft's own Excel! And my computer. Plus I scheduled the 'start' to happen when I was sleeping only for it to 'automatically suddenly' start a day later... and last for an hour and half! Just as I had logged in to start work!
Went to the NYRR - great work being done there by the new team lead by Michael C. & Peter Ciacia.

Down to the Architect's office and discussing the next school - now all the paperwork is done and the MOU's... then discussing a possible western sister school and ambassador over here instead of a Kenyan runner...

Check in at Urban - good to see they are doing great and business is booming - their coaching too - 1291 Madison Ave.

To the Plaza to see a friend, I had forgotten they have residents there! Nice resident at that!!

Up to Madeba- Harlem to see my friend Marva and Desiree, Desiree is the one who helped with the Make Up projects in Kibera.
I must say all this zipping around has me missing my bicycle! Life has changed, I lived on that bike...
Walking walking NYC - here there and everywhere. I was down town on Hudson going to see my ACE architect team RISE who have made all the drawings for the next school. Doing the next steps... the design is fab and functional. Then my friend Cynth texted me and I stopped off to see her at Fashion Week. Then who stops by but Whoopi Goldberg. As you can tell by this picture she did not walk as I did. Anyone who wears a wooly hat in NYC humidity arrived in a limo that I can bet money one. Well I had a good time eating a variety of freebie foods that either tasted great or were swallowed knowing that 'this has to be good for me'.

Cynth in black and Whoopi Goldberg in a wooly hat.

For the first time in a long time I went to the 5th ave mile and the event was fun! Good to see the 'faces' of the running community there, and some out of towners too! In the fast(est) race Nick Willis won and for the women it was Jenny Simpson... shocked to see Valentine Kibet there! Last saw her running in Iten... small world. And Sylvia from Eldoret.. running for CPTC! Bernard Lagat representing the nandis and the 40+ storming to a great 3:59
Meanwhile the big race - Bedan Karoki runs 59:14 to win a half marathon in Copenhagen, whilst Mo Farah beats Stanley Biwott 59:25 for the Great North, with Mary Keitany hitting 67 to take the women's.
Being a big SerenaVenus fan I was not happy with the Semi final result... the Italian girl played her lifetime best... I heard today that she had booked her ticket to travel back to Italy the day after the semi's fully expecting to lose! She played her defining match and took down a champion.
I was down on West St yesterday at a beautiful duplex luxury apartent, out the window - the World Freedom tower. Remembering back 14-years ago when I was running with LQD and we heard the big boom. We set off in the direction (we were luckily 1.8 miles away running). He had an apartment 100-meters south of the World trade center and I was looking after an apartment for a friend (for two years) on the north side by 100-meters. Such a sad time for NYC... can't believe it was 14 years ago, a year after I moved to NYC. SO much has changed. RIP to all who lost their life on such a sad day.
5th Ave mile this weekend and I may go... and watch. Run a mile? If it was a mile from my doorstep then perhaps!
Humidity breaks in NYC (good job as I don't have air con), with it comes the rains. How can it go from so hot to so cold so soon?
Got a medical bill - I was in hospital for just over one single hour... $4,600, and then boom they add another $226 on top of it! Let me tell you Medical in America leaves a lot to be desired.
After spending a couple of decades in the Running Business I can tell you Paula Radcliffe is clean. I could waste three of four paragraphs here, or not. I could also tell you about federations who know dirty athletes and continue to send them to championships and I could tell you a lot more than has been written on a few hi-profile drugs cheats (caught and not). And why the British Press are hoping to grab some readers by bouncing into a sport they know so little about and writing such ridiculous claims baffles me. Anyway good to know on this side of the pond these claims are not being taken with anything more than a two worded sentence; British Press.
More knowledge from the West -Why do the majority of people at Heathrow rush every where except when they stand on an elevator? Missing that NYC move-ment.
In Kenya I was in the village/area where Julius Yego grew up... he came far to be the world champion of the javelin. The meaning 'end of the road' has new meaning...
Diabetes on the rise in the UK - will bankrupt the UK... second headline... 21% of the under twenty population get the recommended minimum daily exercise as the trend of inactivity rises...
A truism: Every one has an excuse to jump the line... a non-ism, "There are two emotions in sport - only agony and ecstasy." (British rugby player). What about.... suspense.... okay a another... boredom.
Don't know if it just me but every time I fly a certain airline the crew are ALWAYS late... 'sorry, we are running behind because the crew are stuck in traffic.' Why not get a crew hotel closer to the airport(s) as this is in differing cities!
Long break from the blog - been crazy busy over in Africa... doing things! Like a hospital opening.
Very sad news - Zane Branson passes on, a heart attack aftera a morning run in Iten.
(link). RIP
The toughest WMM marathon in the world to enter, in terms of entrants to places now opens a 'way' in for time qualifiers; [link]
Very kind of Jon Stewart to donate about 20 armani suits to benefit the Achilles International. He's been a big supporter and it is great to see him doing something good with what must be an extensive wardrobe. Too bad he's smaller than me... check out the auction here.
Big news in Kenya - US president Barack Obama arrives in Kenya on Friday according to a press invite from United States Embassy in Nairobi.
Amazing to think that Gebrselassie had a career from 1992 to 2015 at the world level. I met him back in 1993, then again in the next decade and fame did not change him - he remained very much himself.

Back in 1992 winning the World Junior Champs.

Many thanks to Victoria & Peter Farago who are working on a book where a doantion is made to Shoe4Africa for each sale.

Looking forward to sharing the book link with you... soon!

In a world where all the stories seem to link to doping and the head of WADA admits doping is rampant it is more fun to look at the amateur sports where one hopes there is a clean playing field. The story at the World Youth's shows the future stars - and if you are truly talking Born to Run then you are talking about East Africa - [link]
Meanwhile I read about a great idea to dye Elephant tusks so people can't chop them off, kill the elephant and sell the ivory. Like traceable money. The horns become pink.
Other news - two days in a cramped van is not the best idea if you are 187cm tall! Ugh. But the Ragnar Relay is a fun one time event. Three legs from Friday morning till Saturday afternoon -- we (12 of us) started at 8:15 Friday morning, and finished around 3pm (?) on Saturday afternoon - The Globe Trotters was our team. Met Dave Ross on the ferry back home whose team finished a 'few' hours ahead of us!
In athletics Mini Dibaba sets a WR in the 1500m erasing the China-Wad woman, proving Tirunesh's comment, ten years ago, that her baby sister is the family member with the hugest talent.

As the Nandi Warrior Asbel Kiprop storms to a 3:26 1500m win and making the World Champs next month looking like a lock.

In the world of running the world master's time gets seconds better - read all about it with Peter Gambaccini - [link]
Thanks to Jon Stewart, I think this is four years now, he has come out to our race... and today was yucky weather.

And at the front end of the Hope & Possibility Ethiopia's Feisa Ayele ran 23:53 to win the men's open and Erika Olivera of Chile won the women's in 29 for the 5-miler.

It was a good day for Ethiopians as the day before Baisa Moleta led a 1, 2, 3 in the men at the 34th Pride Race in Central Park. Interesting to note that the NYRR was at the forefront 34 years ago promoting Gay rights!

Sprints: In the USA track runner Trayvon Bromell, the 19-year-old American sprinter runs 9.84 - at the other end we have Justlin Gaitlin in his thirties running faster... also running 9.84 was Asafa Powell winning the Jamaican Champs. I thought he was banned? Obviously not. And Tyson Gay, back from a ban, wins the 100m in the USA nationals - all headed to the World Champs in China.
Sammy Wanjiru's wife #2, the one that the mother Hannah liked, Mary Wacera won the 10km up in Boston, with Edna Kiplagat #2 and Diane Nukuri, from Iten, well Burundi in third. Going back to Sammy it seems attempts to have a Sammy Wanjiru race in Kenya have fizzled out... or a Sammy anything! A bright star.
Sad to read that Ron Clarke, the great distance runner from the 1960's passed away this week. He was 78-years old and seemed a true gentleman from an amazing era when drugs and accusations didn't pepper the headlines like bullets through paper.
In the fast running Mary Keitany, who was in NYC last week, runs a 66:38 half winning from Rose Chelimo in attoni Olomouc Half Marathon. In the men Josphat Kiptis Kiprop won in 60:21 and further down the field was Wilson Kipsang in 62 and Stephen Kiprotich, the reigning Olympic marathon champ in '12 clocking 63-minutes.
Agreeing with Hannah England on this one; why are people hounding Mo Farah over missing a drugs test? (link).
Jane Kibii wins the Grandma's Marathon in 2:32! I recall this name because once she finished 30th place... ask me who finished #29 and I have no idea, but... Jane came to me after the race and said she didn't get the $100 paid for the 30th place. Another runner had taken her money. Luckily I had elite Dutch marathoner Luc Krotwaar on the finish line with a video to check that all was kosher.

Reviewing the video Jane was correct. Luckily the runner who had finished #34th and slipped under the ropes (naughtily) was known to us, so we went and retrieved then paid Jane! Here's the actual race...

Almaz Ayana runs 8:22:22 for the 3000m in Rabat... still a long way behind the women's WR of 8:05 from the Chinese ladies who came and went in the early nineties... but that is an African record.
Nice running video blogstory, running in our backyard!

Like the mile 19 comments! Casey Neistat with runthinking.

National Championships move from Nairobi to Eldoret in order to make way for President Obama's visit to Kenya. The date has been moved from 9, 10, and the 11th of July. It was planned for two weeks later.
31:15! Mary Keitany wins the Mini from Betsy Saina 32:30 from Edna Kiplagat, 32:39, as Kenya go 1 2 3!
NYC- Whilst Usain Bolt struts inthe city, over 10,000 women (a record) are running in Central Park. Of course this number pales when you look at the Norway Mini Marathon, or indeed the Swedish one... but it is great for a city where 1,000 things happen at once.

And happening right now is the big news in athletics looking at the Oregon Project. Haron forwarded me the Panaroma program where a journalist goes and dopes and passes the WADA doping test. That is sad but a truth that a lot of people won't face. Another truth is most people 'don't want to know' and the actual facts aren't getting out from people on the inside that could stop, or at least halt this process. Theer are some people who can come out with some very interesting facts from the early 2000's and results at major marathons that shouldn't have happened... too bad so much about this sport is the money.

Well it is kind've sad, and the problem will escalate.

Meanwhile here's an interesting look from the Advertising side, with an American mindset to sales [link] that is a good read.

For the price of profit? Is John McCain's legacy going to be that we remember him as the leader of a deal that has handed over a sacred Native American site to a British/American mining company. Read - LINK here. We can hope that Congress will be strongly lobbied, reverse and that the Resolution Copper Mining Company wil be banished from destroying this historical site. Shame.

I have written to my local member of congress and complained, I hope he acts. I grew up writing letters of campaigns because we were encouraged to at home and at my school... memories...

Running - last week the big(gest) story was all about the GreatMo as he continued dominating with a 10,000m win in Eugene making him the name to beat in the World Champs later this Summer. Another huge breakthru performance by the Canadian who grabbed 4th and the national record with a 27:07 - another of Alberto Salazar's proteges.

In NYC we had the Health Kidney which was a parade of almost 11,000 troupe around the park - amazing, my thought was what are all these people's stories, 11,000 people woke up this morning and said 'let's go and race/run a 10k' - I find it mind boggling but NYC is a unique city!

Amazing news - 92 year old Harriette Thompson ran the San Diego RnR marathon!

Sad news - Long Island Running legend Pat Petersen, who I once interviewed, died of the big C. few 'Islanders have ever ran faster!


Loving the branding - thanks Farago Designs. www.farago.com

The Kip Keino stadium opened up after the refurb in Eldoret with a great fanfare last week. Apparently 210-athletes signed up for the men's 5000m! The track was built on the land that Eldoret's legend was given in 1965 after setting a WR in the 3000m (7.39.6)

The highlight of the meet was Asbel Kiprop winning the heat in the 1500m, 3:36 for a new stadium record - not bad for the high altitude.. and remember Kip started it all winning in 1968, 1500m, at altitude - 3:34 in the Mexico Olympics.

I missed the inaugural NYC Red Nose thing.. wanted to watch it, mind you not having a TV there might have been a problem there. Good for the US citizens who gave an amazing $21-million USD for various causes like Oxfam America.
In the running world powerhouse Ethiopia that often relies on Dibaba, Defar, Bekele names has a new star -- Almaz Ayana. Double AA is besting the globe right now when it comes to female 5000 running - 14.14, three secs from the women's WR. Meanwhile the men are further afield when it comes to touching the men's records.
On Mr. Hirsch's facebook page:

And nice to see Stacy Creamer and her great result... she actually zoomed past us at mile #1. That is what I call #rebelrebel

Congrats to my friend Claudio - coach to these two: 'Eunice Sum starts her IAAF Diamond League season with a victory in Shanghai, 2'00"28 in 800. Third position for Janeth Jepkosgei 2'01"14' - he also coaches Mercy Koech too, and if you watched London Marathon you may have seen Mr Stanley Biwott - another athlete he coaches running rather well.
Thanks to our latest TEAM members of Shoe4Africa! The marathon is just around the corner!
Congrats to Mary Wittenberg for the new job of CEO of Virgin Sports Global. All roads lead to NYC but Mary is now taking that leadership to the next step beyond.
Okay I have officially been kicked off the blogworld. I started this blog in 2000 and of late I am terrible at updating. Life is moving so fast right now, so many things happening.

Brooklyn Half - wow, a huge mass event of 39,000 people. So nice to see so many familiar friends out there, it was like a true 'club' event. After the run I saw a bit of NYC I rarely see. Congrats to the NYRR. Too bad they did not fix better weather.

Sad to read that BB King has passed away - what a legend. I rememember a great concert where I saw him play twenty years ago and he had so much energy it was amazing.
Kenya was incredible, I should have blogged as every single day was a huge adventure... some great news to share, soon! Some great new branding coming -thanks so much to FARAGO DESIGNS! In Kenya we received out first piece of equipment - in fact there was a big function and grand presentation... that ironically we were totally not a part of... here's the story - when I chose a bank to do business with for the hospital building they promised to make a "big" donation. Well they kept on delaying and delaying, never doing. I kept on reminding, even at an event when other banks gave - they did not. Then the announcement they would give a piece of equipment, but it was for a third of the value we had expected... well when the equipment came it got taken to the adults hospital and used. The bright side is it is saving lives, but I may have as well not even attended the 'day long' ceremony as we totally got cut out of it... and even as I listened to the 'speeches' they became political about another issue.
Pacquiao - what a humble sportsman! I saw his pre-match interview/speech. What a nice guy. Who can't get behind someone who like Billie Holiday says - God Bless the child who's got his own. The self made person who has mde it His way!
Speaking Kids -- we need to build a playground. Anyone wish to help??
Needing help - the IAAF choosing to have their World Relays this weekend - it flopped last year (more prize money for teams than actual teams that bothered to show up?), will it be better this year? Why not go head to head with The Pac Vs Mayweather! One story is coming out of this weekend and I don't care how many Bolts of Gaitlin you have in your armory.
Follow Shon Gables, a long time friend, who joins the Shoe4Africa marathon team. I met Shon when she was a news anchor for CBS - LINK. I am honored that she has decided to makee her next marathon one that is helping the Kids of East Africa. She is one of thirty-two (and counting) great peeps we have running NYC in the fall. Really pleased that we are starting to pop up in other races - Lim Symond is running Chicago for us! An alumni from 2014... watch this space for more news on ONE great team.
Marathon to the sidelines: The year's Super-fight. 'Pacquiao, 36, will meet US legend Mayweather, 38, for the WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight titles at the MGM Grand Arena. It will be the richest fight in history, with the two protagonists set to split in the region of £150m.'
Paula Radcliffe runs her last London (link) but we do think we'll see her running another marathon later this year! She is such a legend that she deserves a world tour.
Nice article about Caroline Rotich with a USA coach and a Kenya-USA (Isaya) manager! I last saw Caroline at our 2012 NYC Marathon pasta party for Shoe4Africa.
Incredible London Marathon - Kenya celebrates a men's 1, 2, 3, & 4 with Eliud Kipchoge running like Sammy Wanjiru in style to take Gold. And #Itenworks - Diane of Burundi in their for a long time in the pink as Ethiopia's Tufa won from Iten resident Mary Keitany and Diane a bit further back in a stunning 2:27 following her long Iten training camp. Men - Cooray had a huge PR running 2:13 and setting the record of Sri Lanka. He also was living for quite a while in Iten, Kenya.
In NYC we have side of the street parking. That means, for instance today, everyone has to scoot from the Left side of the road so the cleaner machine can come round. If you leave your car you get a ticket. Usually the right side of the road is packed with already parked cars (remember most streets are all one way). However you can double park your car, thus really blocking the center lane, but freeing the left... bizarre.
How could we not post a picture of Caroline Rotich in Shoe4Africa?

BOSTON UPDATE - Caroline Rotich wins, and a big smile that J-P Reinhold ran a cracker in the colors of Shoe4Africa, we also had Bob Harding who had a huge PR only weeks after racing Tokyo, and Don Favre dipping under 3hr! All great stuff, that is my first check of the results!
Sitting at my desk, receiving updates from BAA.org. Exciting stuff! Meb & Desi doing great! And Caroline Rotich... Go Caro!

Drudge and grind; Meanwhile working on how to try to get the USAID & ASHA to help a worthy cause...

Good luck to all my friends running in Boston Marathon! Quite some years ago I used to go up to Boston myself (in another lifetime it feels). First I ran it, then I used to go up there for Runner's World. From what I read a lot of the same people are still going up there...
Not sure why someone emailed me this listing... for Demi Moore's triplex on Central Park West. She has the South tower of the San Remo building. The north tower is owned, and lived in, by another famous media name: Mr Bono of U2 fame. Check out the article's slide show to see some pretty unique views that she and Bono get to see. [link]. Well, a bit out of price range...
Wow: World lead and Kenyan 200m record of 20.14 - congrats; Carvin Nkanata! Very impressive. This is what is often talked about in Kenya... "if the runners get technique training..." I really want someone to go over and give High Jump lessons down in the Masai Mara where I believe there is a potential WR holder. Why not? Meanwhile Mr. Bolt is off and winning, down in Rio /World's fastest man Usain Bolt in his first 100m race of the year clocked 10.12 to win Mano a Mano challenge in Rio Dejaneiro on Sunday, April 19.'
Just got a nice email from a really good friend of mine from my childhood days - he is donating 1000-pounds for S4Africa! Thanks!
And we read Ethiopian star, Genzebe Dibaba, won this year's Laureus Sports Women of the year award on Wednesday, april 15 in Shanghai, China.
Once he was a taxi driver (matatu) in rural Kenya.. then he tried running, did a 2:06:31 in Paris - on Sunday he's running in Hamburg - wishing the best of luck to Benjamin Kiptoo.
Meanwhile here is the elite field for Monday's Boston marathon. (link)
News from Kenya as top managers are suspended for six months. LINK
Humbled by the help from Zippora Kiptanui & Naanjie, both of Kenya, who did an eleven hour marathon with me to do a grant! They drove up from Maryland, stayed the night at a midtown hotel. Next morning we commenced; we worked all day long till 9:30 PM, then they retired only to drive back to Maryland the next day - all to help. Y'know that song? I believe in Angels? That there is people like this in the world is pretty amazing.
Oops, I have not been saving posts! This is what happens when I get distracted.

Best Invention Award for commonsense.

I can never understand why you see pace makers in America running holding a wooden sign up with one (usually) crooked arm - learn from the ace German Silva and run with a balloon in your next marathon.

It was Marathon kickoff this past weekend - Mark Bett won Paris in 2:05! Came in the results with his 'other' name Korir. Meserewt Mengistu got a 6-min PR to win the ladies in 2:23 and third was Visiline, an athlete coached by my friend Claudio in 2:24.

Meanwhile in Rotterdam Abera Kuma of Ethiopia took the men's race in 2:06 - happy to see Reid Q'd for the Olympics with a top ten placing & a solid 2:11! Asami Kato of Japan took the women's race in 2:26

Tad off the beaten track - Duncan Maiyo of Kenya wins Brighton Marathon in 2.10.15
Many thanks to PRINCETON's TEAM U raising $1.6K for Shoe4Africa headed by Ashley Wang. I had really wanted to go and watch and cheer on the runners, but the late night grant writing nixed that plan as after I had to go home up in Harlem, got home 10:30 pm and I was supposed to be in Hoboken at Valdi's house to sleep there before hitching a 5 am ride with him to Princeton. Didn't think Valdi would appreciate me arriving at midnight to wake him up as he was going to race the next day!
Glad to see NY State supporting Kenya: "President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday met and held talks with a delegation of the US Senate and the Congress. The delegation, headed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York), met the President at State House, Nairobi, where they discussed the war against terror, regional security, trade and business investment."
Premier names to NYC - if you say Bolt Rudisha then you say June 13th NYC Adidas GP! All they need is Mo!
President Obama is going to headline the GES2015 conference. I had to read a bit more to find out what a GES summit actually is; global entrepeuneurs. I have heard the fighting begins to get the President Here, There, and Everywhere. It will certainly have a huge positive impact on a nation that calls him their own. Not because Kenyans, like Donald Trump, believe he was actually born in Kenya, no, but because of the lineage of knowing his father's blood was Kenyan. Bear in mind when he was elected President the country took a two day National holiday. One article highlights a promise he made... LINK
Few years ago a team made a video doc. about a then unknown runner... but as they filmed the guy got famous and exposure before the film came out. So, when this man won the WXC on Saturday the 'unknown runner' vibe came out again... However, the true unknown soon to be running superstar finished a few places back, from Baringo - Leonard Barsoton watch this man!
World Cross Country this past weekend- again, like most running events looking like the East African champs, kind've sad to see as this used to the 'key' event. The IAAF tried to make an equalizer by adding a short 4km and that backfired, and now it is down to a one in two years event, maybe next you will see a four year...

The European XC champs gets a bigger turn out than the world's. I watched a British broadcast after the fact and Steve Cram was bemoaning the sad fact they had just two females in the women's race.

At Carlsbad Genzebe failed to get the WR but ran a very stunning 14:48 and the men's highlighter was Bernard Lagat in third for the men's race. Tremendous how well he is running still.
And in the Berlin Half we see that the Kenyan Swede Isabellah who run extreme mileages (we used to hear), and livees in Eldoret is back - she got third in 71. Of course another Kenyan few people have heard of won in 59!
Extremely sad news from Kenya. Earlier this month three Canadians arrived for a two month training stint. One guy, the coach, from Newfoundland who was making his first trip to Kenya. He'd been involved for decades with the running scene, obviously loved the sport and was a participant. In Iten we share breakfast tables, you sit and talk and learn. "Cliff" with his Canadian cap always had good stories from the past andd also of the present - like how he went out for a jog/walk and a Kenyan guy dressed for buisness, slightly over weight, had started jogging by his side offering him encouragement. Then there was a the group of kids who had joined him on consecutive days. He always had nice things to say... last night I heard the sad news that he had collapsed after a morning exercise and died in Iten. RIP Cliff.
I think I have to learn a new language to understand twitter, double dutch and skinny goat. Apparently facebook is no longer the place for the cutting edge.

However you get good info every where and I saw that the Born to Run guy has a new book and its release is next month and if you visit the Back on My Feet webiste, available on good (old) facebook, you will see details on how to attend, contribute and come home feeling good.. with a new book that I know will be a great read. plus my friend Terry Gerchberg is the Exec Director so it will be a cool night.

Sports (athletics - running) round up - the Good - Jessica Ennis is making a return after a two year absence after childbirth, the Bad- Russia don't retract the Olympic medals of convicted cheaters (for eg. Yuliya - 3,000m steeplechase: Olympic champion in London, world gold in 2011 and silver in 2009. Got a two-year and six-month ban in January, but has so far kept her medals). Usch... then the Ugly - why would Nike wish to pay copious amounts of money to have a man who has been twice banned (showing how effect the bans are) wear and promote their brand? What message is that sending to the young kids going into the sport today? Nike's PR manager might say they are only taking the lead of the dubious move of the USATF who made this man their 'hero' of the year (Male athlete of the year). Bizarre. Can one see Ben Johnson getting the athlete of the year in 1990 if he competed well two years afetr Seoul? I am guessing not.
A day in NYC. Started with a subway ride down from Harlem to Park Ave South. There was a time when I would never ride a subway spare one or two times per year. That was in my bicycle era. Today less than three miles I walk, more than that run or sub it.

Again I wonder at how the MTA can be thinking of raising the prices - they should give 'us' NY-ers a subsidy. Inner city travel should be cheaper than $2.75 (the proposed hike I think from 2.50). Anyway I went to snappy offices of Helen Keller. The CEO, Kathy is a good friend from a long time. She had set up a metting with their new Africa-person. This was the first meeting of how we can get a sort of partnership in Kenya. There is an opportunity that has opened espeically with farm lands and nutrition... and kids. Next up I was off to the Achilles Office where I did an hour catching up on emails before heading for a business lunch to discuss a number of things with Mr. Achilles - Dr. Dick Traum.

After lunch it was back down town to meet Eric - a music producer who is organising a Nelson Mandela rock concert at the Barclays Center - hopefully he'll be helping S4A in that way too soon. I want to see if I can interst him in the new Children's Health Insurance Fund thing I am working on. Then it was uptown. By now it was snowing and Eric was going to a meeting on 54th so I hitched a ride up to 50th where I met Stacy, a long time friend from the running world. Then after this I was supposed to go back down town to the F.I.T. offices but my phone battery had gone flat so I could not call to check the Boss was 'home'. So I ran the 85-blocks back home in the freezing snow... by the time I had got up-uptown it was thick and looking like December again!

Meanwhile in running the redhot Mo Farah races tomorrow in Lisbon, here's his game plan from the press conference; 'Iíll see how Iíll be on the day of the race,' he said. 'Iím in good shape, as my recent two miles world indoor best proved, but once Iím on the course Iíll see if Iím able to produce something special. Iíll go with the boys in the front and then we will see.' -- guessing a new PR for him.
Yesterday I was humming a tune to Bob Dylan lyrics that I was muttering to keep warm in NYC up in the 140's when I was visiting an art school. I got into philathropy through schooling. It was all about BogaZaire but that isa another story - here I was talking to an enlightened Art Teacher about a project we are doing to send art from Harlem to the children's hospital in Kenya... and the cold wind continued to blow through my bones.
It is very easy to understand why Ryan Hall is such a great media person - he is himself, he is genuine and it comes out - here in the New Yorker, even the writer isn't doing justice to depth kind've scribing more that write-Ing, but here you go... a train ride to work (link)
Pretty much decided that tbe Shoe4Africa 5k will be on June 18th, so make sure you are here and ready to run! In that month the first Shoe4Africa Germany race will come... then also in the pipeline is Shoe4Africa Japan!
The London Marathon field got another upgrade - Geoffrey Mutai who was slated to run Tokyo and A. Mergia in the women. Shockingly good just got better.
Was at the NYC half Marathon this past weekend. At the north end of the park. What was incredible was how many people were running.... tons, the lines never stopped. People just kept on streaming. Sally finished third, and in second was Joyce who has the CR at the Shoe4Africa 5k in Iten, Kenya. In the men it was a Kenyan from Iona college that won.
Raining in NYC - cold but not so cold as when it was when the freeze was here. Talking down pours the rains are here, not yet in Kenya -- and the by the ways - two odd stories. I come to the Nairobi airport, outside the airport a guy from Kenya Airports Authority, young guy, stops me before I enter the building, "Where is your ticket?" I tell him I have no ticket, it is called an e-ticket. He says, "No one enters this building without a ticket, or this badge" he says pointing to his "Kevin O. namebadge". I ask him, "Have you heard of an E ticket?" He says, "You. Stand to the side you are not coming in. You need a paper ticket." I am wondering what planet he is coming from - I thought I was behind the times. Lornah is inthe next terminal so I decide to call her. I also call British Airways, I also call the British Embassy. Two minutes later Lornah (whom I have just flown from Eldoret with arrives, she has called the supervisor. The British Airways rep arrives... the guy starts to regret this stupid attitude he has...

Meanwhile a close friend of mine gets invited to a 40th birthday party three weeks away. She responds Yes to the husband. The day of the party there is an update. Y'know one of those evites. She goes not checking the last minute update, buys a gift etc. Following the party she is about to leave when the host husband comes up to her, "By the way, it's $40." She is like, "Urm what a surprise, was that on the invite??" The husband replies, yes, I just updated today. What a low down trick. I only met this guy once, for about five minutes on the floor of a department store. A few months later I get an email from him... asking for money. Some people...

David Rudisha winning in Australia kicks off his season. Two days ago I was chatting with Brother Colm who was telling him his season - good to hdear he's coming to NYC, in fcat earlier this year ADIDAS flew him to Florida for a photo shoot - the irony, a man from the Masai Mara... One of Iten's most famous residents - he has actually just bought a house there.

Great recent sessions from Priscah Jeptoo and Jemima - the speed was mind boggling. Reid C., Canada's best marathoner is staying n Iten right now up till Rotterdam, a 2:10 runner, and he agreed - the speeds were befitting a male marathoner.

Talking marathons - a nice invite from Gilbert K. to go to the World Champs with him and Edna K. for the marathon where she's trying to win for the third time.

Lornah's clothing line is a big hit in Kenya - imagine the first lady is not only wearing it, she is buying it! You know the product is good when you see someone capable of freebies at the store counter -- reminds me of some famous athletes I know buying Asics shoes instead of running in the ____ they are supposed to wear.
Sally Kipyego here to defend her title at the Half and I am guessing she WILL. Can I say Hoping she will. Another Iten resident...

Thanks to Diane from Burundi who is in Iten training for giving me my first taste of coffee from Burundi arabica -- I never knew Burundi had good coffee! She is there training, with Coury from Sri Lanka, for the London Marathon...

Thanks to Chris Kelsall - Just saw this article... LINK. About the "ace" Sally Kipyego.
Breafast with Mary Keitany, Edna Kiplagat and Gilbert Koech. In fact all the athletes are here this morning - Stephen Kiprotich, Wilson Kipsang, Geoffrey Mutai, Dennis Kimmetto, Ezekiel Kemboi... and we are talking farming, not running! Actually there is a IAAF testing station here today but in the meantime...
Bumped into an old friend today - Bob Keino, the son of Kip Keino. He is now the Director of the Kip Keino Training Centre. Then I was to the Eldoret Club and met Moses Tanui who was heading out for a golf game. In the lounge, where the CEO of the Moi Referral and I were on a conference call to a Doctor in Switzerland, I ran into Daniel Komen - the 'original' and still the world 2-mile, and 3000m record holder. He reminded me he is an ambassador of the Children's Hopsital and wants to buy some bed.
More fast Kenayns running in the Rome Half - I recall the day when breaking the hour was never done. These days every race breaks the hour.
Charity news - thank you so much to Michael Kugler, Shoe4Africa Germany for sending over a big pile of running shoes. I opened the store room to find a big pile on the floor and had to do some detective work as the boxes had been destroyed with the names. Thanks to www.shoe4africa.de
I am not a social media wizz but I did get on Twitter today and found Lornah Sports posting - on Saturday they are opening their pop up store in Nairobi with a permenant store coming a month after. In fact when I was flying Lornah yesterday. Fabian, the Moi University former dean was also on the plane. Then coming to Iten Douglas Wakiihuri, the former World Marathon champion was there having dinner with us - as he is training the President's wife as she prepares for her half marathon on the 8th of next month in Nairobi. Also in Iten is the French Steeple ace Bob Tahri. As always a running village. Just missed Paula Radcliffe as she left last week.
I see Apple watch is coming out soon - I am going minimalist. My watch tells the time and that is it. Love it. Basics. I kind've like the phone thing, cash in the pocket etc. Not really a fan of those running watches either that track miles, speed and whatnots.

Older news is at HERE