Since Toby's book came out in 1997 the phrase Train Hard Win Easy has become the standard for desribing the ethic of Kenyan running. Over in Kenya at any training school/junior camp if you start the sentence, Train Hard, they will shout out, Win Easy.

"Train Hard, Win Easy, I coined the term 'Train Hard, Win Easy' from participating in the training sessions of the Kenyans. I noted they appeared to work harder,to a level of near exhaustion, in training, then when the race approached they 'Performed with ease' and thus I came up with the phrase, Train Hard Win Easy."

Today many of the world's top Kenyan athletes name this phrase as their favorite "motto", and indeed athletes from other countries [LINK]. Vivian Cheruiyot & Linet Masai both listed the quote on their facebook pages, as did Boston winner Rita Jeptoo.

"The press often use the phrase out of context (LINK: for training too hard) and there are references to this "old Kenyan saying" yet this is not true. Nowhere is there a reference to Train Hard Win Easy before 1997.

About a decade after the book came out there was a Train Hard, Win Easy T shirt...

"A Cult Classic." Running Times, December 2007.

Favorable reviews in well over 17-countries world wide, from Australia to Iceland, Holland to the Americas.

Publisher: Tafnews Pr; 1st edition (June 1, 1997), ISBN-10: 091152150X, ISBN-13: 978-0911521504, 196-pages. Second printing January 1998

In the spring of 2001 Track & Field released Train Hard Win Easy, the Second Edition. Although the title was the same much more content was added giving he book an entirely new feel.

"The new 2nd edition is now out---a magnificent updating of Tanser's pioneering work on why Kenyans have been so dominant in middle and long distance running over the past three decades or so." Track and Field News.

"This excellently researched book... reveals much more than we have known before about how the Kenyans train and race."
Mel Watman, (Athletics International).
"This is the best track and field book I ever read. I encourage everyone who loves track and field to buy this book."
Mark Smoronski.
Marla Runyan's autobiography says this book was the one that gave inspiration when Marla was training for the US Olympic trials - she made the Olympic Finals!
"Great book, with a great title!" Meb Keflezighi.
"The book is meticulously researched and richly detailed presentation of the training methods of the planet's current top runners.... Keeps pace with the advances with updated reports... Whether you're looking to better acquaint yourself with the world's best, learn about a remarkable culture, or just pick up some training tips, Train Hard, Win Easy is well worth your attention."
New York Runner.
"Thought you would enjoy this: Michele and I were in a little place called Joanies in Palo Alto before heading to Stanford for USATF nationals this past weekend. As we were walking in I spotted the infamous Gabe Jennings eating outside with his parents. He had a stack of running books next to him. Which one was on the top of the pile and then in his hands a few minutes later? You guessed it Train Hard Win Easy - 2nd edition."
Keith (Dowling, US World Championship team member).
"You have done a lot for Kenya with this book. It is a really excellent book."
Paul Tergat, World Record Holder Marathon & Half Marathon.
"Too bad the books sold out...the best running book I ever owned!"
Cheers, Bruce Deacon. Pan American Silver Medallist, Marathon.
"This is a very good book. Now everyone will be running like us!"
Former Champion of the World (track & Roads) & record holder, and The Centennial Boston Marathon winner Moses Tanui.
"This is a fine, fine book... We win because we train the hardest."
Henry Rono.
"Of all the reasons given for Kenyan domination in distance running, the simplest is the most accurate-they train extraordinarily hard. Toby Tanser's new book says as much in its title, then fills its 200 pages with unprecedented illustration."
Running Times (USA)
"The most complete look at the Kenyan Running phenomenon. Firsthand accounts of life in training camps.... in depth schedules...insight into their mental approach...and all-too-rare interviews and profiles of past and present greats."
Athletics Weekly (Britain)
"I've recently read your book on the Kenyans - really good, the best thing I've read, because it is so direct and factual."
Bruce tulloh, European 5000m Champion + top British coach
"enjoyed your book on Kenyan running!"
Bill Rodgers, American Record Holder, 4-times NYC & Boston Marathons winner.
"Terrific reading, with much information never seen before."
Australian Runner and Athlete.
"The fruits of several months research in Kenya, this richly illustrated work explains why, year after year, Kenya continues to produce great runners...intimate portraits of Kenyan athletes such as Kip Keino, Henry Rono, Paul Tergat, and Moses Tanui, and a host of information about their training methods."
Olympic Review (Official IOC publication)
"Toby Tanser...trained with them, talked with them, and came back with all the answers-how they live(humbly), how they train (diligently), and what motivates them (pride, tradition, ambition). 'Tis a warm and enlightening excursion."
Scholastic Coach
"Illuminating...The author's insights and examples should help dispel myths and misconceptions, and bring these athletes informed, deserved respect."
RRCA Footnotes.
"I often read parts of your book before I run, so maybe that helped with the record."
Dave Morris, former U.S. Marathon Record Holder.
"Most journalists don't understand Kenyan runners; they think we were just born running fast. Now people can read the book. We sweat, man, sure!"
Japheth Kimutai, Commonwealth Games 800m Champion.
"This is the only book which tells really how it is in Kenya. I have read other articles about Kenya but none tell the truth like this book."
Joseph Kariuki, world best time 25km.

"Aim high, and then higher. Train Hard - that is all."
Peter Rono, Olympic Champion 1988

Product Details (Amazon) Paperback: 196 pages Publisher: Tafnews Press; ISBN: 091152150X; 1st edition (June 1, 1997)
In-Print Editions: Paperback (2nd Rev) | All Editions Average Customer Review: Five stars Based on 4 reviews. (Max 5 stars). Sales Rank: 88,493
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Anyone read this book? Train hard, win easy: The Kenyan Way. Posted: Aug 9, 2002 9:10 PM
I've never seen it in any bookstore. I've seen it listed for $22. Just wondering if it's any good and worth the purchase price.

Yes! Posted: Aug 9, 2002 9:52 PM Reply
Posted by: hillrunr Posts: 1406 / Registered: Feb, 2002 It's definitely worth the price. A must have for any competitive runner's library.

The following excerpt is taken from Sir Roland Soong/CPTC:

"A TALE OF TWO BOOKS [10/07/02] Most books are pubilshed for mass markets. After being introduced to the market, several things might occur. One possibility is that the book turned out to be not as good as it seemed and received scant notice or even bad reviews. The publisher disposed of the remainder copies as expeditiously as possible. Such a book will have a re-sale value that is much lower than the original list price. At or eBay, there may not be a resale market as the fair price may be lower than the shipping fee.

"Another possibility is that the book turned out to be much better than it seemed and continued to receive rave reviews. All copies of the book were sold out. Such a book may have a re-sale value that exceeds its original list price. Unfortunately, the added value will not show up in royalty checks to the author. Such is the case of Toby Tanser's book, Train Hard, Win Easy: The Kenyan Way. Whereas the original list price for the out-of-print first edition was $20, the current lowest price on the market is $75. Lest we forget, the updated and enlarged second edition is available at only $22.

"Last night I couldn't sleep so I started re-reading the part of your book on marathoners. Maybe not the best thing to calm me at 1am, but definitely inspiring!" Margaret Angell, New York, N.Y. Five days before qualifying for the first time to the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials at the london Marathon, 2003.
Penny Sparks (cross country and track distance coach at Carson High School): "Books that I have enjoyed and that have motivated me are Once a Runner by John Parker. I think that was one of the very best books I have ever read. I also enjoyed Train Hard, Win Easy - The Kenyan Way by Toby Tanser."

"It's my favorite Book!" Kevin Collins, USA National Team member for the World Championships '03, Marathon.

"Thanks for signing the book at the Expo, I read it in one go. Amazing book and made me realise that there is so much nonsense written about the subject in other publications. One of the best books on running I read so far. Will give me now some new insight about better training in the future."
Urban Bettag, London, uk.

Kenyan Running---Kenyan Running--Kenyan Running---Kenyan Running.